Arguments To Adore The New Mini Cooper

As soon as the reintroduction from the Mini back in 2001 by BMW, the classic vehicle has undergone transformations that boggle the minds of Mini fans while still maintaining its status as a cult icon - the happiness evoked from the iconic front grille and headlamps is unchanged but within the hood, the newly revamped Mini is packing an extremely greater punch with 200 horsepower replacing the 1960s original 34 horsepower engine with the first Mini Cooper.

Most people can spot one on sight, mostly due to the “cutest car ever” status. Its classification as being a compact doesn’t appear to hold the same vomit-inducing powers since the Toyota Prius.

The “new” Mini - Not Just a Style

However, this car is not only a fairly face - the German brand BMW has ensured that the tiny little vehicle holds its very own rolling around in its original arena as a racing car. They marketed the company “new” Mini Cooper as a compact car that drives such as a go-kart. And so they weren’t messing around - the S model is often a car that driving enthusiasts and road devils will be proud to get inside their “cars built zoom” arsenal.

If you do not own or have entry to a Mini, some car clubs offer non-owners the opportunity to ride together on their driving events for them to see first-hand the way the car handles and talk all about the fun-size road monster.

This vehicle’s following might be probably the most quirky and fascinating groups on the market - they aren’t shy about proclaiming their passion for small terror and a few have taken it as far as compiling lists of their favorite reasons for having the Mini Cooper!

Reason Top: Admit it - cuteness is, and forever will likely be, the deciding factor. The Mini is cute without looking like a chick car. Sure, the woman group of followers is on the market too - but men don’t look less manly in the driver’s seat of this teeny-tiny compact. If cars might be viewed as urbane and metrosexual (ie looks good but is straight) then a Mini Cooper would win hands down.

On the side note, the car’s “cute” facade is hiding some powerful surprises. The famous “happy” grille is topped by the hood scoop that inhales refreshing air for your hyped-up engine. If you believe it lacks junk in the trunk - the dual exhaust pipes would prove you wrong. And forget about the need to purchase aftermarket wheels - the 17-inch alloy tires are really integrated in the Mini’s design that handling the Mini Cooper at breakneck speeds and harrowing hairpin curves has not been so easy!

Reason # 2: The Mini Cooper is gorgeous inside and out! Most cars come with a dashboard which has a speedometer, mileage and fuel gauge in the driver’s seat, leaving the middle dashboard free to the GPS, A/C controls and entertainment system. The Mini Cooper, conversely, comes with a huge (some would say oversized) centrally-located circular speedometer (with some designs which has a GPS in the center).

And speak about owner customization! The Mini Cooper actually has mood lighting installed you could switch on and alter on the push of the mouse button. Just forget about two-tone interiors and seat covers - you could have everything with the Mini, naturally, but the stuff that set it apart from others - that’s what makes the Mini Cooper one of the better selections for the automobile owner searching for something unique and fun.

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